The weather continues to be the main focus, primarily as there is not a lot else going on.

I have been alone here for the past couple of weeks and have thought about the jobs that need doing and work on various projects that needs to be done.

I went for a walk and saw buzzards circling around the mountains, it is good to be in an area where large birds of prey are so common again. My mother lives in Princes Risborough where Red Kites are as common as pigeons, and here it is buzzards. There are also eagles, but not so many.

The weather continues to dominate, today quite literally. The Tramontane is howling, the shutters are slamming and garden furniture flies past my window. Which is a contrast to the last few days which has felt like Spring was definitely arriving.

I am indoors huddled up to the fire with a glass of wine, the best place to be.

P.S. Not long after writing this the wind brought down the power lines and there was a power cut for the rest of the evening. Very pleasant, just me and the fire.

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