Ice Saints

Sitting in a world bathed and caressed by the sun is a pleasure as old as heaven. The sun warms but does not burn, it is soft, not ferocious. That will come later. The Ice Saints have passed and a long, cold wet winter is finally behind us. This is a land watched over by the saints and their whims… Read more →


Walking through vineyards feels as old as civilisation. There is a sense of reverence imbued in the fields akin to the atmosphere of a place of worship. The pressure of history, the sense of knowing that you are treading the ground where the vines have been grown and harvested for hundreds of years. Wine is of course one of our… Read more →


Today the small stretch of river I can see from my window was crowded with fishermen. It is the first day of the new fishing season. Speaking to my neighbours they said that every year on the first day the fishermen arrive with their new equipment sparkling in the sun and the river is crowded. Then are never seen again, until… Read more →


Yesterday it snowed. But then the rain returned and washed it away. Deer came down from the mountains and I watched them on the hillside. Read more →


The weather continues to be the main focus, primarily as there is not a lot else going on. I have been alone here for the past couple of weeks and have thought about the jobs that need doing and work on various projects that needs to be done. I went for a walk and saw buzzards circling around the mountains,… Read more →


The rainfall has been biblical and the river the highest it has been in years. The bridges have been shut and branches, bags and other detritus picked up by the river upstream has been deposited along the waters edge. In some moments it rained so hard it was frightening, and yet exhilarating. The house is built into the mountainside and the back… Read more →


The river is still high and cascading over the now hidden rocks where normally it playfully tumbles. Last year it didn’t rain for nine months but has been making up for it in recently. The view from our window shows a hillside covered in a variety of trees, none of which I know the name of. There are small trees with light… Read more →


Went to the wood yard again today to buy more firewood to feed the voracious appetite of our fire, is is always hungry. At the wood yard there is a continuous bustle of tractors, chainsaws and dogs wandering around, a different world on the edge of town. Here you can  fill your car with fire wood and it is measured it… Read more →