The rainfall has been biblical and the river the highest it has been in years. The bridges have been shut and branches, bags and other detritus picked up by the river upstream has been deposited along the waters edge.

In some moments it rained so hard it was frightening, and yet exhilarating.

The house is built into the mountainside and the back of the kitchen is the bare rock. Normally all is well however three times now, at moments of intense rainfall, the water seeps through the rock.

As the rain continues so the flow of water increases and then we are flooded…

However the water then runs to the back wall and disappears, I wonder where it goes.

We have tried to stop it but we are just in the way of a force of nature so the best thing is just to let it follow its own course, which it will do no matter what we try to do.

The rest of the house was fine, a few damp patches but nothing serious.

Fortunately the village and our neighbours were fine. Some other local places had to be evacuated.



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