Walking through vineyards feels as old as civilisation. There is a sense of reverence imbued in the fields akin to the atmosphere of a place of worship.

The pressure of history, the sense of knowing that you are treading the ground where the vines have been grown and harvested for hundreds of years.

Wine is of course one of our greatest discoveries, but it is more than a mere thought of satisfying the senses. The veneration of the vines is palpable.

That they are neatly aligned is at odds with they way they look, old and gnarled. Each one an Arthur Rackham character under a Mediterranean sky. 

Wine is the the areas biggest export, the region runs on the fruit of the vine, but it is backbreaking work all year round. Tending, planting, pruning in all weathers.

The children here are told that if they do not work hard at school they will end up working on the vines.

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